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Delightful Chicago Restaurants
03rd October 2006
Author: Natalie Fisher

Refuel yourself with a quick bite at famous Chicago breakfast restaurants

Ever paid attention to your breakfast habits? Breakfast is in fact the most neglected meal due to the fast pace routine of life. Most of the times, in a mad race to reach the workplace, one tends to fore go the most important meal of the day. The food and nutrition experts of American dietetic association opine that breakfast not only fuels the body to help provide energy, but also aids in weight management and promotes concentration and our problem-solving ability. Why not kick start your day with food available in famous Chicago breakfast restaurants that is not only appetizing but is also pocket-friendly?

When it comes to restaurants, Chicago has it all- Chicago breakfast restaurants promise a delightful affair. A number of barbecue restaurants in Chicago serve good old-fashioned barbecue ribs, a legacy of Chicago's days as the nation's meatpacker. You can't do justice to your taste buds if you haven't tried a messy Italian beef sandwich or a Chicago-style hot dog stuffed with tomatoes, onions, hot peppers and a pickle. Eat-as-you-go foods like toasts, fried eggs, burritos, and pancakes that are available at breakfast restaurants in Chicago will make your mouth water.

Chicago is home to global gastronomy, so amidst the quantity, quality and variety of restaurants dishing out haute cuisines, choosing a particular restaurant becomes quite an overwhelming task both for Chicagoans as well as tourists. Going through an online restaurant guide like www.restaurantplace.com is advisable in this case. The online menu helps in choosing a restaurant that fits your taste, mood and budget. The reviews and pictures mentioned on the website helps in deciding where to visit and what to eat.

Been there, try these....
Restaurantplace.com presents top three breakfast restaurants of Chicago for your culinary tastes....

Ann Sather's - This popular restaurant is famous for its Swedish pancakes with Lingonberries. Also breakfast wraps, French toasts, waffles, exotic fruit bowls and drinks appeals all. Rightly said, 'You can eat at home or you can eat at Ann Sather's'. Its nominal prices and warm hospitality will surely delight you.

Ina's - Another homemade 'morning food' restaurant where you will find dishes ranging from Ina Pinkney's famous Heavenly Hots (pancakes) smothered in maple syrup to three-egg omelets stuffed with your choice of fillings. Its wood beams and brick walls lend it a homely touch. The Chicago Tribune called Ina's Kitchen the best new breakfast restaurant way back in 1991 and now it's better than its yesteryears. Worth eating!

Lou Mitchell's - Satisfying its patrons since 1923 with its extensive breakfast menu, this restaurant is famous for Sunday brunch and moderately priced homemade baked stuff. Its oatmeal, fried eggs, Greek toast and hash browns are most popular in the breakfast menu. Lou Mitchell's is synonymous with breakfast in the windy city.

With these umpteen palatable breakfast options at Chicago restaurants, you will surely not neglect your breakfast meal. So jump start your day with these toothsome delicacies and make your day more fulfilling and more delectable.