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Welcome to Chicago! A place that keeps you ever-indulged in its tastes and flavors. Extending far beyond Polish sausage, deep-dish pizza, and world-class steaks, Chicago is a 'restaurant town' in the truest sense of the word. One can't resist relishing food prepared by some of the world's most innovative chefs in Caribbean restaurants of Chicago, Chicago seafood restaurants and Steak restaurants in Chicago.

Among the exquisite cuisine, seafood is one of the 'fresh-favorites' among Americans. Per-capita consumption of seafood increased in 2003 by over 7% from the year before to an average of 15.6 lbs per person (National Fisheries Institute, news release September 10, 2003). You will find varied Chicago restaurants and seafood and steak restaurant in Chicago due to the increasing consumption of seafood, which is partially attributed to the rising awareness of the nutritional value of seafood.

Nutrition in Chicago's seafood steak restaurants So what are you ordering for today's lunch? Tender Sashimi or sushi, crunchy king crab or may be lobster? What ever you order, from oysters olivada to smoked salmon, Cajun shrimps to stuffed crabs, it's a richie-rich health delight.

Protein rich: Protein in seafood is good for all age groups, as it is easily broken into amino acid. Fish contains 17 to 25% protein. In your Chicago restaurant's fish steaks and other seafood, you will savor taste with health!

Low fat: Most varieties of fin-fish and shellfish have less than 5% fat, and in many cases, less than 1% fat. Though the diet can become fat rich if the food is prepared in deep fat frying or sauces etc. Not to worry! Chicago seafood restaurants and steak restaurants Chicago specialize in cooking techniques such as broiling, barbecuing, poaching or steaming on a rack, which helps reduce the amount of fat in the recipe.

Vitamins and Minerals: The yummy 'surf and turf' available in some steak restaurants of Chicago can be your excellent source of vitamin B complex, particularly B12 and B6.

Thiamine is also found in seafoods and meat in a fair amount. Calcium is another important mineral found in seafood. The soft bones of small fish such as sardines, smelts and even canned varieties like salmon are valuable sources of calcium. So, you could be strengthening your bones while you are munching on to the sumptuous savory morsels.

Cholesterol: Mollusks, such as clams, oysters, scallops, and mussels have a large percentage of non-cholesterol sterols. These sterols inhibit the absorption of cholesterol eaten in the same meal. Nothing could have been better!

You never thought you could be gaining so many health benefits with your mouth-watering food fare. So, be it Caribbean restaurants of Chicago, steak restaurants of Chicago or Chicago seafood restaurants, seafood is your healthy choice of food.

So, if you are looking forward to revel your carnal desires with rich flavors and healthy savor, it's time to visit restaurantplace.com to find out what is available and why you should choose a particular place. Look for excellent Caribbean restaurant in Chicago, steak restaurants in Chicago or Chicago seafood restaurants. An easy search at www.restaurantplace.com will find menus as well as the reviews of the restaurants for better insight and great INDULGENCE!